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Simply stated, we want to help people pursue their cycling goals.

This goes for both our coaches and our clients.

We want our clients to be certain that when they sign up for coaching they receive a top-notch, science-based experience. To make this happen we are dedicated to developing coaches. Each Ignition Coach is hand-picked and trained before assigned a single athlete.

But it doesn't stop there. 

Ignition Coach Co is a network of coaches dedicated to making each other better. With a sport that is constantly changing, we want to be leaders in innovation by providing on-going education opportunities for our coaches. 

When you are connected with an Ignition Coach you're not only getting an informed and knowledgeable coach who understands the science behind sport, you're also getting a dedicated, hard-working athlete who knows what it's like to suffer through a training plan, race grueling events and hit personal bests because they are in the midst of that pursuit right now.

Connect with us via our Contact Page if you have questions or are interested in working with one of our coaches.


To develop racers into coaches by training them to provide a top-notch, science-based coaching experience to every client. 

Create a community of athletes that push and encourage one another toward improvement.







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