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A cycling show that covers training-related topics in a discussion-oriented format

Show hosts, Adam Saban, Kaitlyn Maddox, Dylan Johnson & Drew Dillman, are endurance coaches with Ignition Coach Co who share a passion for expanding their knowledge of endurance training. They are also elite cyclists across various disciplines and often lean on their experiences competing at the highest level to provide unique perspective into the world of bike racing. Tune in each week to find out how you can find that extra match for your next race.

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A cycling show that covers the latest cycling news in a laid-back, fun atmosphere.

Show hosts, Adam Saban, Dylan Johnson and Scott McGill are coaches with Ignition, but also high level racers. Often times in the episodes they are talking about the highest level of racing and a lot of times they are participating in the events for themselves. Brace yourself though, things get a little rowdy on this one.

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