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When you work with an Ignition coach you're not only getting a top notch coach that we've mentored and certified, you're also getting a racer themselves that knows what it means to chase fitness and training goals. At Ignition Coach Co. we believe that coaching and racing go hand in hand and can't wait for you to get to know your coach!



Fort Collins, CO

Jeremy grew up in the Colorado mountains, started racing mountain bikes at twelve years old, and gradually moved his way up to the Pro Cross Country Tour where he has raced for six years now. He studied exercise science and nutrition at Adams State University, Alamosa and CU Boulder where he earned a podium at 2018 Club MTB Nationals in the XC race. He now holds the title of 2022 Pro XC Colorado State Champion! Jeremy dabbles in road and cyclocross racing, but mostly enjoys short, fast XCO and short track racing. Jeremy recently started his own team, HART Cycling, where he aims for XCO excellence and advocates for healthy living through simple habits of nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Besides racing, he helps coach the local juniors on Ciclismo Racing, brews his own beers and wines, plays the fiddle, and is a published poet.

"Happy to work with coach Jeremy, he is available, responds quickly and his answers are detailed and clear, I feel that I am getting better."

"Jeremy is great! The hardest thing I dealt with is just balancing school, work, and training but he is very understanding."

Screen Shot 2021-12-11 at 11.14.18 AM.png


Indianapolis, IN
Marathon MTB, Gravel, Road

Growing up in Michigan, Kelsey was a competitive gymnast and runner, accomplishing several top 5 performances at the state level in both Track and Cross county. While competing in cross country and track in college she completed her Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Athletic training. After accomplishing multiple All-American titles, she went on to compete competitively in Marathons, Ultra marathons, and Long course triathlon, before settling into cycling in 2017.  After racing a few seasons of crits and road races, Kelsey has found her passion for racing long distances, just like she did as a runner. Now, Kelsey continues to compete at a high level, while also working as a personal training and strength coach at Eli Lilly Corporation. She still enjoys running once in a while, especially with her dogs.

"She is a wealth of knowledge!"



Flagstaff, AZ

MTB, Gravel, Road

Blane started racing during his college years at Virginia Tech, entirely on the road. He had some good results in the collegiate ranks but after college moved into his full time job as a construction project manager where cycling slowly slipped to the back. However, last year Blane and his wife sold their house and made their jobs remote to be able to train full time while doing the who vanlife thing! Blane and his wife, Kaitlyn, will be traveling and racing from their van this year, targeting the US Cup mountain bike series with some endurance MTB and gravel events along the way. Maybe even some road races and crits!

"Blane provides super comprehensive responses and explanations as to why we’re doing what we’re doing. It was a big reason in why I elected to go with him/Ignition vs other coaches I consulted with. Love the thoroughness!"



Denver, CO
MTB, CX, Gravel, Enduro, DH, Road

Isabella grew up running and going on long backpacking adventures with her family in the mountains. It wasn’t until she was around 20 years old that Isabella discovered cycling. She quickly became immersed in the world of bikes! She started racing pro cross country mountain biking in 2022 and fell in love with the racing scene. Throughout her college and pro racing she snagged many top twenties and top tens at the national and collegiate level. While the mountain bike is her main focus for racing, she frequently races and rides cyclo-cross, gravel, enduro, downhill, and road. Basically, if it has two wheels she loves it! Isabella earned her bachelors degree in Integrative Physiology with an emphasis in pre-medicine from the University of Colorado Boulder, and has been a certified personal trainer through the American Council of Exercise since 2018. She is passionate about helping others reach their goals through a holistic and science based approach by creating individualized training programs that incorporate strength, endurance, and overall health.



Sioux Falls, SD
MTB, CX, Gravel

Originally from Lockport, Illinois Adam grew up playing golf at the national level. After completing his bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, he retired from the game of golf in order to start his career in engineering. In 2013 he was introduced to endurance sports when his mom signed him up for a local triathlon and less than five years later began competing at the professional level in mountain bike and cyclocross. Today, Adam continues to pursue his lifelong dream of being a professional athlete, while also working as a design engineer and establishing himself as a trustworthy and science-based cycling coach. He is also the husband to his wife, Ali, and a new father to his son, Theo.



Bentonville, AR
Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Gravel, Road

A life-long athlete, Tyler was pursuing a semi-professional soccer career when he found cycling. After trading the soccer cleats for two wheels, Tyler went back to pursue a graduate degree and dove head first into the world of collegiate cycling. Since graduating in 2013, Tyler has continued rising through the ranks, racing every discipline including cyclocross, mountain bike, road, and even a little bit of track. For the last seven years, Tyler has been racing on the domestic elite cyclocross circuit and has spent the last four seasons racing in Europe. He enjoys the opportunity to share his experience with athletes of all backgrounds and help them achieve their goals.

"I worked with Tyler for 6 months and really enjoyed the experience. This was my first time working with a coach 1:1 and I couldn't have asked for a better coach. Tyler always took the time to answer all my questions in detail and gave clear guidance when I needed it."



Flagstaff, AZ

XC MTB, Road, Gravel

Kaitlyn graduated with a degree in Exercise Science where she ran collegiate D1 track. With a strong background in endurance sport and training, she quickly rose to an elite level mountain biker but has also raced gravel and road. “The bike gives me the opportunity to see what this body is capable of and explore this beautiful world God created!”

She believes it’s never too early or too late to achieve incredible things if you believe in your training. 


After full time vanlife, Kaitlyn and her husband Blane are now based out of Flagstaff, Arizona with their furry son Everett. 

"Working with Kaitlyn has been great. She provided a dynamic training plan for me that fit into my racing and non-racing schedule. Kaitlyn also provided a ton of insight into the why and how of training along with many great suggestions on equipment and my favorite - tires! Looking forward to another season."

Screen Shot 2021-12-11 at 5.21.26 PM.png


Louisville, KY
Road, Gravel, MTB

Jarret started competitive cycling in 2013, and has since competed in countless races in multiple disciplines across the US. Racing for the First Internet Bank Elite Cycling Team. He has won Pro Road Tour races and has multiple podium finishes in time trials, road races, and criteriums in the biggest races in the US, including the Joe Martin Stage Race and Redlands Bicycle Classic. When not doing intervals on the climbs near his Louisville, KY home, Jarret can be found trying to ride his cross-country mountain bike like a long-travel enduro bike, going for obscure gravel KOMs or even racing cyclocross (when it won't be too muddy).

"I feel like working with Jarret is sustainable and I'm not going to burn out."

"I have enjoyed working with Jarett. He takes a very thoughtful approach and it’s obvious that he cares about my results and the benefits I’m getting from his guidance."

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Lucca, Italy
Road, Gravel, MTB

David is originally from Minnesota, but now calls Lucca, Italy home. He moved to Europe to race bikes over a decade ago and is a former professional MTB racer and amateur on the road, racing on Italian and French teams. He has continued to race, now primarily as a professional gravel racer, representing the USA in the 2022 UCI Elite Gravel World Championships as well as on the road in Belgium’s infamous kermis races. 
After officially “retiring” from full-time racing, David studied Exercise Physiology at the University of Colorado to bolster his first hand European racing experiences with a scientific background.
As a coach, David has been coaching with French and Italian road teams since 2016, directing races, training programs and camps to develop riders in the Elite, U23, and Junior ranks. Having raced all across Europe with teammates and staff of many nationalities, David has developed a passion for learning languages and cooking regional specialties. He speaks fluent Italian, Spanish, and a bit of French, though his skills in the kitchen are still very much a work in progress.



Fort Collins, CO
CX, MTB, Road

Brannan has been racing cyclocross, road, and mountain bikes for the last 11 years of his life. The love for each discipline has changed over the years, with cyclocross becoming the primary focus with multiple trips to the World Championships, and several National Championship podiums. Brannan lives in Fort Collins, CO with his puppy, Lily, and has a degree in Business Management from Colorado Mesa University, where he met his future wife Zoë.



San Luis Obispo, CA
Road, CX, Mountain, Gravel

Lance is an extremely talented racer on the road and on the dirt. He currently races for the Legion of Los Angeles pro crit squad and runs his own off-road privateer program. Some of his biggest accomplishments on the bike include 2 National Championship titles in the U23 Road Race and U23 Men's Cyclocross category, and placing 10th overall in the 2022 LifeTime Grand Prix. In addition to being a professional cyclist and coach, he recently graduated from Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo with a degree in mechanical engineering. When Lance is not training and racing he enjoys camping, surfing, trail running, drinking coffee and hanging out with his friends and family.

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