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Tips for the Cape Epic with Kelsey Devereaux

In a race as long and arduous as the Cape Epic, there will be countless highs and lows. For me, it was an incredible experience packed with emotions and lessons that can only be learned out in the wild, savage, and unpredictable South African trails. Each stage brought its own challenges, but learning to assess them and then overcome whatever the race throws your way is part of the Cape Epic experience. For those planning to take on this immensely challenging, yet rewarding race, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Be prepared for anything.

We had two days of rain and mud which destroyed bikes and brake pads. A good rule of thumb: If it can break, bring extras.

Try to conserve energy where you can.

It is a long week so making sure you are conserving energy and fueling/over-fueling is always a good idea. I took in about 100-120g / hour the first few stages.

Eat the most familiar foods.

If you can resist trying the more exotic foods on offer, stick with food you’re familiar with such as pasta, rice, soup, bread. 80% of racers tend to have stomach issues (unfortunately, I fell into this group. If you do get stomach issues see the med clinic because they will help.

Sort your housing.

If you do not like camping, book a hotel or Airbnb for the different stages. Nothing feels better than using a clean bathroom and shower after a long, hard day in the saddle.

Embrace the Flow.

My number one piece of advice for Cape Epic hopefuls? Go with the flow day to day. You will have good days and bad days throughout the week and not letting the bad days, crashes, or mechanicals get to you helps immensely with your mindset

Do Not Forget…

Always thank your support crew. It's a long week for them too.

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